Lucky Cath

Hello, I’m Lucky Cath,
a talking and singing cat plushie. My name makes perfect sense because I’m very good at finding four-leaf clovers!

I love writing songs, making music videos and taking naps. I play the guitar, piano, and ukulele. This song “Go Far” is dedicated to all the amazing plushies and plushiehumans out there in the world!

I live with a human and a pug plushie called Poopi. Sometimes Poopi and I get into fist fights over chocolate. We both love chocolate and cake.

I’m handmade and my human finished making me July 9th, 2016. I’ve had some reconstructive surgery since then because my face looked very strange after having a bath. It was a traumatic experience and I also needed therapy but now I look and feel better than ever!

This is where I write music, paint, make cute outfits or just chill
Me and Dino-friend in the recording studio

For more music videos and beautiful photos of me visit my website:

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