Poopi the pug


Poopi says “pipii”, translation: “Hello friends”!

Poopi is a handmade pug plushie born June 25th 2016. It is unknown whether Poopi is a boy or a girl. But the general opinion seems to be that Poopi is a boy. Poopi has two miniature plushies; Knoe and Dino-friend. Human thinks Poopi is like a mix between Pikachu and Mr Bean.

Poopi, Knoe, Dino-friend and Lucky Cath

When Poopi talks it sounds like this: “Pipipi pipiii”. Poopi can say a few words like “chocolate” and “cake”. It’s dangerous to hand over a karaoke microphone to Poopi, you might never get it back!

Poopi loves to eat, especially sweet things. Poopi calls snacks “happy snacks”. Poopi also likes to take pictures of happy snacks and post them on Instagram for #honeygroveteapartytuesday hosted by @honeygrovebears.

Poopi eating happy snacks


One of Poopi’s specialties is to poopibomb other plushies.

Since Poopi is too lazy to learn how to read and write, this Plushiepedia bio was written by Poopi’s flatmate, the beautiful Lucky Cath.

Lucky Cath’s Plushiepedia page


For more videos and photos of Poopi, check out Lucky Cath’s website: luckycath.com